Custom Apparel

Custom Apparel

Nothing says "we know what we're doing" like professionally embroidered and screen-printed work wear. Utilizing the latest technologies, our custom apparel tells the world you know your stuff. And while we can't help you shed those last five pounds, we will leave you looking your best. All our work is done in-house by our skilled professionals, giving us complete control over quality and finish throughout the entire process.

Services Include:

Embroidery + 3D Puff (Raised) Embroidery

Custom Labeling

Graphic Design

Custom Apparel

Every Thread Counts

We are more than your typical Mom & Pop shop. At All Seasons, Embroidery is an art. We take the time to make sure each stitch is perfect. We ensure that everything is set up for the correct garment or substrate because not all digitizing is created equal.

3D Embroidery

Rise to the Occasion

3D Puff or Raised Embroidery is the process of building up a design or lettering with either stitches or an inserted piece of foam to raise the stitches off the substrate. Puffy foam is a popular product used to embellish apparel. It will make your logo stand out from the rest.

This is a great effect for when you want a bold look. There are limitations to 3D Embroidery, as your logo can’t be too thin or too thick and it is best with bold lettering.


Take Your T-Shirts to the Next Level

Over the years customers wanted to get more than just a shirt. Now the majority of our orders include some sort of finishing and we have adapted to the trends in order to offer the latest options.

Interior branding and sew-on labels are great ways to turn an item into a retail-ready product. Just let us know where you want the label, and how you would like it sewn on.

Full Art Department

More Than 25 Years Design Experience

All Seasons has full-time artists on staff to bring your ideas to life. A great product starts with a great concept. The more direction you can give the better. Whether in form of sketches, other designs you found online, or an art brief. From there we will hand off to an artist or group of artists to create a unique piece of art that makes your idea shine.